Brilliant Idea.  Thx Tr1dent for sharing.

Morlocks aside, how would YOU like to visit, even live hundreds of years in the future? There may be a way, and that is the purpose of The Time Travel Fund(tm).

Q: How does this work?
A: Current scientific theory states that Time Travel may be possible, however the technology is a long way off, perhaps hundreds of years in the future. Now, assume it does become possible in say, 500 years. As with any technology, Time Travel will get less expensive as time goes on. Just as the price of a VCR has dropped to less than $70 from the several hundred dollars it cost just ten years ago, Time Travel, once it becomes feasible, will initially be very expensive yet it will become more and more economical as time goes by.

Q: How does this help me?
A: The concept is that one day, it may be possible for people living far in the future to retrieve you from your current frame of reference (their past – your present) and bring you into the future (their present – your future.)

Q: Why would they want to?
A: That is the purpose of the fund. The simple answer is, we pay them to bring you into the future.

Q: How?
A: We establish a fund in current time. You make a small contribution to the fund, and in a few hundred years that small amount grows to a very large amount. From that fund, moneys will be taken and used to retrieve you, perhaps seconds after you join, perhaps even moments before your recorded death, perhaps some other point in your lifetime. Further, the fund may even pay to have you “rejuvenated” medically (assuming this is scientifically possible at that time,) and support you financially for a number of years. (Note: Retrieving you just before the moment of death is just one possible scenario, but one that would avoid any Star Trek(TM) type paradoxes. There are an unlimited number of other possibilities, and we do not know what they will do, we can only make reasonably informed guesses.)

Q: How much will this cost me?
A: Our fee is only $10, of which a percentage is placed into the fund, to grow and earn interest, and the rest is used to pay for overhead in running the website, covering legal fees, paying for your certificate, and maintaining the database of members.

For More Infomation click here.


If we can time travel, then the world would be messed up.  Well, the world is messed up, so that means some future dudes have been coming and going.

There is a simple way to test if this fund works.  You sign up and put in the $10.  Then you immediately write a will saying that you want to be ‘retrieved’ 10 minutes after either (signing up) or (writing the will).  If you disappear from then and I don’t hear from you, then means it works.  Have fun in the future.

New Song:  WatermelonWoman.  It grows on me…. 




  1. Interesting ideas.
    I don’t think a person has no content if they dress a certain way.  I think people tend to judge people who dress a certain way, and we fail to realize that there’s more to a person than the way they dress.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Whoa neat idea!
    Another interesting thought:
    I think there’s a threshold in medical technology. Beyond a certain point, you should be able to live forever.
    Say most people expect to live to 100. If you are young enough, before you reach 100 medical technology advances so you can live to be 150. Then before you reach 150, it advances to 200. Then 300… then forever!!! I hope I’m young enough ^^

  3. I want to time travel!! both in the future and past

  4. man, this future fund is of course b.s. but what a great money making idea.  i am sure there are a lot of people who would sign up just for kicks…..or just because they are idiots.

  5. We need to come up with an idea like that. 

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