It’s like we’re in Harry Potter’s school, Hagwargf.  (but not really, it’s a castle like school, but no magic students).  And I am being chased by this ghost of a young girl.  I thought…”aha! I can hide from her by escapting to the outside of the castle via the window, run to the next section of the castle, then figure out what I’ll do next.” 

That’s what I did… the scenes and the actions to get there are… too complicated to describe.  So after I’ve reached that hall, a bunch of fellow classmates of different class (like.. Slyterine vs. Grafinnale), came to me (including KawaiiPandaX), telling me “hey…Leon, I heard a rumor that a ghost is haunting you.” 


From my reading last night….

” ‘ Morality is a biological adaptation no less than hands and feet and teeth… (it’s) just an aid to survival and reproduction’.  On the atheistic view, some action, like rape, may not be socially advantageous, and therefore it has become taboo in the course of human development.  But that doesn’t prove that rape is really wrong.  In fact, it’s conceivable that rape could have evolved as something that’s advantageous for the survival of the species. 

” Objective moral values are valid and binding independently of whether anyone believes in them or not.  For example, to label the Holocaust objectively wrong is to say it was wrong even though the Nazis thought that it was right.  And it would still be wrong even if the Nazis had won WW2 and succeeded in brainwashing or exterminating everyboby who disagreed with them.  Now, if God does not exist, then moral values are not objective in this way.  … then morality is just a metter of personal taste, akin to statements like, ‘Broccoli tastes good’. 
And since these objective moral values cannot exist without God and they unquestionably do exist, then it follows logically and inescapably that God exists.”  – Bill Craig

Tr1dent’s game is cool.  I hope they make tons of money.  …. I want to make cool games too. 


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