Monthly Archives: August 2004

Across from many years of involving in art like stuff, there are a few commercials that I’ve found that are SOOOOOOO GOOD.  This one has amazing creativity and music and graphic.  Scenes after scenes it surprises me with unexpectancy. tell me what you like about this. Advertisements What a cute game.  What a cute game.  What a cute game.  what a darn cute game. Went to a party celebrating the Alter Ego’s game: (secret).  It was received very well by MS Xbox Live ppl.  Talked about Project: D Ego.  Learned the card game “6 cards”, played BS, Texas hold ’em.  Good stuff. […]

To all the slaves of their employers: a small gift clip.  Enjoy. I love the lyrics.Mmmm labor day camping trip.  To do, or not to do; that is the question.

This dream is interesting to me. It’s like I’m reading a book, and watching the movie of the book.  The setting is in a medival castle on a lake. The story is about 2 twin teenage sisters who have the job of looking after the 2 princes of a country.  Both princes are about 6 years old.  […]

… coming back from a business meeting last night, I started to think about a system for my friends’ company.  I hope there’s a way to generate residual income, or at least to have a good trade of time and money.  And thank God, an idea came up, Tr1dent!! We’ll be super rich! I call it, […]

Brilliant Idea.  Thx Tr1dent for sharing. Morlocks aside, how would YOU like to visit, even live hundreds of years in the future? There may be a way, and that is the purpose of The Time Travel Fund(tm). Q: How does this work?A: Current scientific theory states that Time Travel may be possible, however the technology is […]

Dream: It’s like we’re in Harry Potter’s school, Hagwargf.  (but not really, it’s a castle like school, but no magic students).  And I am being chased by this ghost of a young girl.  I thought…”aha! I can hide from her by escapting to the outside of the castle via the window, run to the next section […]