Monthly Archives: July 2004

I had this dream about playing piano.  ……. sigh.. it makes me depressed because I am not at the skill level I want.  And because of this, this new girl from church just “takes over” the show.  When I get freed, I’ll spend some good time getting a teacher and learn.  I want to be at least as […]

I’ve been reading Angel Heart by –kðŽi .  He still has his humur in there sis.  Awesome stuff.  In case, you didn’t know, it’s still about City Hunter.  Trident, Igs, and Phil: I have a business idea to make some money.  Need to check with you.  ——— Trident should know who this is. Costume Play.  […]

Basically, this article says “The Locust that scared the living hell out of Mask Rider (Power Rangers, or UltraMan).”  One Meter long.  Look at that meaty legs!!  I bet it’s full of protein.  I wonder how high that hopper can jump.  It’s big enough to chew off some kid’s throat!

Someone asked me about some sexual issues.  So I put my answer and comment here for my keeping.  I believe they’re pretty much inline with what the Bible teaches.  Parental guidance is advised. — sex w/ love  vs. sex for fun—God meant for sex and love to be together.  Surely sex is fun and pleasurable, but it’s meant […]

update: 13+ ppl will be going. Anyone who’s interested in “ice skating” should come. It’s not about the person, but about the activity and fun. To:  Htemorp, Owl, Tr1dent, Phil33t, Cathywathy,,, and anyone in Seattle who reads this. Ice Skating…. how about on August the 8th .. right after church?  (2:00 pm including lunch)We’ll go […]

Are there things in the world that smells so good, yet taste like … dirty toilet?  There are things in the world that smells like , but taste good.  Jackfruite is an example.    Stinky Tofu is another one.  ——Lost my wallet, spent hours finding it.  FOUND IT!  Yey!!  Praise the Lord.  ——Wow… the FYI […]

This song is to The Cat Man.  A thick tail on the costume was the most memorable part to me.  CATHY:  can you play the melody on clairnet?  and I’ll play the piano.  Phil will do the jingle bell.