Monthly Archives: May 2004

 New music Info:  this is from the Lawyer game I played.  awesome.  Then you click here.  Prayed to God to empower me to do well in translation, and He did.  Praise Him.  I didn’t have enough time to prepare it well at all.  My head felt like jello on Sat night.  Had to skip Sunday […]

LOL.   there’s a typo.. but look pass it.  from left to right.   this is also pretty cool.  If you like music…. ( I believe Trident and Akira will like it.)

What is the use of running when we are on the wrong road?Bavarian proverb ……… I think…… some times…. we need to have a little laugh.  And out of the greens…… Leon will pull some low class joke.  This is one of them… if you think you have enough humor, observe the Mighty Cowboy .  […]

Yey.  Green Slime gets to see the pre-release screening of Harry Potter 3.  Next thursday, that is.  I wish my family was here.  I could get them in.   Dream Log: FYI (teens fellowship) and others are on this….. school cruise ship.  Not luxurious at all.  Basically, it’s a huge ship with hotel rooms to sleep in and […]

I was with the English Fellowship last night.  yey!!! more people join.  We are the fastest growing team!    What’s cool is the lesson we learned about church building is much like our personal growth building.  During the dinner, pastor took out a box of fortune cookies.  Coincidentally, mine has 2 fortunes inside.  And coincidentally, […]

I came across this problem, that seems to be a simple, grade school level question, yet most people get it wrong: BB goes to a store, takes out a $100 bill to purchase a $25 item.  But the store doesn’t have enough money for change.  So the store owner, CC, goes to the shop next […]

Dream about – some juicy, fruity, candy that kids eat a lot (I just forgot the name of it) are made from bugs.  Bugs have sweet protein, that after been processed, they turn into delicious candy.    There were two cute girls operating the machine….. afterwards, I think they look like the SUP.…. I, a college […]