Monthly Archives: April 2004

“Some men still have their first dollar. The man who is really rich is the one who still has his first friend.” Dream Log:  On my way to home, I saw this… creature on the middle of the residential street, laying there.  It looks like a bear cub but with a lot bigger mouth with […]

My business has definitly leveled up because of the trip.  All the time, driving, effort, money is worth it.  During the trip, an idea sprang up. is one big step closer to be achievable!!    Need to talk to Trident about the new idea for that hobby.  It’s so top secret that I’m not even […]

EDIT:  I even put a theme song for this character.   Green Slime’s Music Story: Chapter 5 – “The white preacher comes to Town.” music by: Maracas White Special Band   LOL.  Igs left some comments and idea about church.  After replying his comments, I just drew this in MS paint.  hahaha.  lol.. he looks so mean, yet with a […]

Trident –  I won’t be here to humble you in racquet ball over the weekend.  Green Slime is going to San Jose.  But make sure you get someone to kick your butt.  as we both know we need some major leveling up to beat those other guys.  htemorp – It’s the fastest growing, most excited, most united church around.  All of our […]

Magic So…. what’s amazing to me, is not how he does it, but his speed of manuevering, accuracy of catching cards.  That 10 of Heart is my favorite.

“… I think maybe it is just evidence of our juvenile belief that whenever we do good, we ought to feel good.  If doing good made us feel good, then the devil sure would have a poor opportunity; his power would be less than nothing.  The fact is, a great deal of the time doing […]

Igs / Tim: Rainbows: Option B and C??!! It’s like this.  There’re 3 possibilities for those options: A) “Luke, ……… …… ……….. I’m your father.” B) They’re merely jokes to emphasize that there’s really only one real reason for my fear. C) Green Slime/JackFruit.