Monthly Archives: March 2004

Update: Wow.. both my sister’s and owl’s imagination are awesome. I can picture the scene perfectly too. so.. here’s a little price for you two.  (Click on this price movie)    The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories, and memories.   Green Slime’s Music Story- Chapter 2: Returning […]

Went to GameWorks with my team.  Free games and food for 2 hours.  Hmmm… this is … the 4th time I’ve been to GameWorks, in the past 5 years.  Not much has changed since the last time I went, which was 2 years ago.  Still doesn’t have Guitar Freaks nor Drum Mania.  I hardly ever […]

Chapter 2 of the Music Story is coming.  leave your comments about chapter 1 now.  New Dream Log: 1) … Because of my father’s experiment, I have been in some sort of coma.  The doctor says that I can wake up, but spiritually, I don’t want to.  And now, for some reason, I decide I want to […]

Accounting Skills: +50 exp.  well… I did my own tax for the first time.  And looks like I’ll get good money back.  If I do (the true test), then I’d level up and I’ll use half of that money to buy either an 1) electric guitar, 2) a bass, or 3) a ps2.  as desired. […]

Green Slime’s Music Story- Chapter 1: The rising of the Evil: (music by Rhapsody) In the village of Estieste, on the enhanted land of Dragor, grass is green, sky is blue, temperature is nice, people live in peace and harmony. ahhhh.. ~~~ nice.     just a normal day for them. But little do they know the […]

 Dream Log: I was an secret agent, master of disguise.  I had 2 missions.  (only remember the 2nd, but they’re similiar).  I disguise myself as this member of an asian family, going to their house while they’re having this social party.  My mission is to deliver/leave this green, thin, suit-case at the house.  But when I […]

I had a conversation with Agent Tangerine.  We talked about music instrument.  I thought about one time I was jamming with this Romanian guy at my church (I played piano, he played guitar).  It was soo~ much fun.  Guess what came after the converstion??   That’s right……  Dream Log!!  I was jamming on the piano with one of my favorite […]