Monthly Archives: February 2004

 New Skill learned: Rumba Level 0, exp 40.  Rumba is like waltz with unique latin beat.  My hip need to get used to the movement. Advertisements

I’ve been surfing on Friendster (btw, I finally have 10 friends now).  Some people have this attitude of  “Love me for myself.”  “I’ll change for no one.”  …..    This reminds me of the remark in the store: “Buy as is.”  And you know what?  The item is generally faulty, broken, won’t work, etc. “A person […]

 New song added:  MoonLight by Sou1.  It’s a orchestral tekno.  This guy is an Indie (independent/amature) artist.  Recently I’ve been listening to lots of Japanese Indie artist.  And wow.  Movie “The Passion of Christ” comes out today.  We’ll go watch it on Saturday.  I need lots of kleenex.  Based on what I’ve heard, I recommand […]

I finally finished Day 40 (last day) of Purpose Driven Life.  When I came across page 308, about the center of my life, it reminded me of some people and some past memory.  When I was in my high school years, eventhough I received Jesus already, I was busy in my own pursuit of pleasure/life […]

Hi, I just had an idea for the new (3rd) item of Green Slime shop.  Needs to be flushed out better.  The cool thing about this is: it’s a series of items.  Please wait…..

hmm what did I do?  I watched more UFC (4 and 11).  I was told that the tournement added rules after rules.  And now, it’s pretty boring.  Every fighter has learned grappling and how to use the arena.  With some wrestling guys, their matches takes the entire 18 minutes.  Duuuuuude.   Because normal wrestlers don’t know […]

Cool snickers.  Go Adida