Monthly Archives: January 2004

  My game is about to be shipped.  You can read about it here: Very excited.  I hope I get a free copy. Advertisements

I dreamt about Mel Gibson again.  Alright, I know a lot of smart ladies and guys here… see if you can beat this game.  ( Warning: don’t spend too much time on this.) Man… I was expecting more people to respond to my magical shop… I guess people don’t like my inventions.   

I played a really scary game last night.  So scary that I didn’t have a good sleep and I couldn’t fall asleep once I was awaken in the middle of the night.  It’s like watching a movie like ‘the Ring’, and you start to have those fear of darkness.  It’s a ps2 game called: Fatal […]

 Green Slime’s Magical Shop – Good and Evil Glasses. Never need to worry about the mind battle between Good and Evil anymore!!  Never need to worry if your kids are heading to the wrong side!  This 2nd invention by Dr. Gonbade is absolutely revolutionary.  This pair of eyeglasses lets you see the avatars of good […]

I listened to a talk, which reminded me why I’m working so hard now.  My folks will get old one day.  There’ll be a time when they need people to take care of them, to be with them full time.  And I believe that it’s the children’s job to do so, NOT putting the parents […]

Let’s dance!  Salsa would be good for this song, I think. NEW song added:  Comment te dire adieu by Orange Lounge.   Leave your comment about this song. I have another idea for my magical shop.  Coming soon…

An idea I had when discussing with a friend… I save this here so I can develop it more later: make a robot AI to cook food.   you gave it a receipe, and place the AI in this virtual kitchen, and it’ll start to find the ingredients and make food.