Monthly Archives: December 2003

Flipping through a pile of old stuff in my closet, I found this “Time Capsule” envelop.  It was made in my 9th grade year in my English class.  (so, Igs should have one too.)  My sister found hers too.  It’s been almost 10 years since I first wrote it.  It was interesting to see what […]

Watched *28 days later* DVD.  the cool thing about that is I get to see 3 alternative endings (including one that has a completly different branch out story).  DVD is awesome.  :smile *Too Serious* should have a good story like that.  Wouldn’t you say, Mr Burns?

NEW dance level reached:  Level 1 Waltz  completed.  exp: +10 The legendary dance master Igs taught me some basic steps and sequences of Waltz.  So I taught my sister the female part and we danced a bit.  That was cool.  Dancing is very cool.  There’re more styles and sequence to be learned.  NEW Kung fu […]

Happy BirthDay to Jesus.

“But boards don’t hit back.”  – Bruce Lee. (thx to Igs’s correction) NEW experience gained:  board breaking. Having practiced different kinds of martial arts for many years, I had not broken any board before. – feel kind of lost and empty.  And just happened that my sis brought home some boards.  She taught me the basic […]

NEW Level reached:  Igs defeated.  After playing against him for 2 days, I’m pretty much even with Igs in Racquet ball now.  His shots aren’t as dangerously accurate as before, but he has gain greater speed, thus can get and return 90%+ of my attack.  So each round lasts longer than I used to.  It […]

This is my first draft. Personal Mission Statement: I have a vertical alignment principle in all things I do. Relationship first:  God, Wife, Family, Close friends, others.  With everyone I associate with, I’ll actively seek out positive things I like about him/her and I complement them.  I don’t criticize but use complements to build their character.  […]