Monthly Archives: November 2003

New skill acquired:  Jax chicken soup rice.  Jax special chicken seaweed soup used to steam the rice.  The rice will all absorb the soup and it tastes really good.  So, the secret is: how do you make Jax special chicken soup?  mwa hahahhaa. I can imagine myself in the show “Iron Chef” and reporters asking […]

To world, to Jesus: happy Thanksgiving. 

I read this, very funny. ¦³¿ú¤H¦³¤°»ò¤F¤£°_? §Ú¦P¾Ç²{¦b¦P®É©M¤T­Ó¤k«Ä¤l¥æ©¹¡A¦Ó¥B³£¬O±q¦h­Ó¥õ¹õªÌ¤¤¬D¥X¨ÓªºË³Ë³ªÌ¡A­Ó­Ó°þ®R¦h«º¡B°ê¦â¤Ñ­»………¡C  ¡Ð¡Ð¡Ð¡Ð¥ý§O¿E°Ê¡IÅ¥§Ú»¡§¹°Õ¡Ð¡Ð¡Ð¡Ð¸Ü»¡¥L¥»¤Hªøªº¤£«ç»ò°_²´¡B­Ó©Ê´¶³q¡B¨S¤°»ò¹B°Ê¯«¸g¡B®Ñ¤]Ūªº¤£¦n¡F¤j¬ù¦b¤@¦~¥b¥H«e¡A¥L»{ÃѤF¤H¥Í¤¤²Ä¤@­Ó¤kªB¤Í¡AµM«á¦b¥æ©¹¤F¥|­Ó¤ë¤§«á¡A¥L¤kªB¤Í´N¸ò¥L»¡¡A¦o­nµ²±B¤F¡C¹ï¤è¬O­ÓÂå¥Í¡A®a¸Ì¦³¿ú¡A¥Á¥Nªº¨à¤l..¡C¡u¹ï¤£°_¡A¥L®a¸Ì¯uªº«Ü¦³¿ú….¡C¡v  §Ú¦P¾ÇÅ¥¨ì³o¥y®tÂIºÆ±¼¡A­úµÛ­n¥h·í¦P©ÊÅÊ¡B¥h©ç¢Ï¤ù¡AµM«á­n±q±JªÙªº³»¼Ó¸õ¤U¨Ó¡C§Ú­Ì¦n»¡¤ï»¡ªºÄU¥L¡A¤S§âÂæb¦çÂd¸Ìªº°s¡BªwÄÑ©M¯Ü²Ã¶p³£®³¥X¨Ó¦Y¡A¨Æ«áÁÙ¥h¿ý¼v±a©±¯²¤F¤@¤ù¡uª¨ª¨¦A·R§Ú¤@¦¸¡vµ¹¥L¡A¨Æ±¡¤~ºCºC¥­´_¤U¨Ó¡CµM¦Ó¤HÁ`¤£¯à¥Ã»·¬¡¦b¦^¾Ðªº³±Åµ¤§¤¤¡C´»°²¹L«á¥L¤S¹J¨£¤F¤H¥Í¤¤²Ä¤G­Ó¤kªB¤Í¡A§Ú¤£ª¾¹D¸Ó«ç»ò»¡¤~¦n¡A¦ýÁ`ı±o§Ú¦P¾Ç¬O°ªÃk¤F¡A¦]¬°¨º¤k«Ä¯uªº«Ü´Î¡A­nÁy³J¦³Áy³J¡A­n¨­§÷¦³¨­§÷¡A¾Ç¾ú¦n¡Bªø¬Û¦n¡B¤Hº}«G¡B­Ó©Ê·Å¬X¡B¯º°_¨Ó«Ü¥i·R¡B¢²¢³¢Ò….¡C  ..«ô°U………¢Ò­C…¡C  µM¦Ó´N¦b¹L¤F¤T­Ó¤ë¤§«á¡A¨º¤k«Ä¤]¤@¼Ë¨ì§Ú­Ì±JªÙ¸Ì¨Ó¦V¥L»¡¡A¦o­nµ²±B¤F¡A ¹ï¤è¬O­Ó¦³¿ú¤H¡A«ß®v¡A¶}¢Ð¢Û¢å¸ü¦o¤W¤U¾Ç¡A¤ë¤J¤Q´X¸U¡A¥Lª¨ª¨¬O¦í¦bªþªñªº¦a¤è±æ±Ú¡C¨º¤k«Ä¤@Â÷¶}¡A§Ú¦P¾Ç°¨¤W¥´¶}µ¡¤á(§Ú±JªÙ¦b¤­¼Ó)·Ç³Æ¸õ¤U¥h¡A§Ú©M¤T­Ó«Ç¤Í°¨¤W®³µÛ¤@¤ä±½§â§â¥L¬[¤U¨Ó¡A¬½¬½ªº±qÁy¤Wµ¹¥L¤@®±¡AµM«á¥´¹q¸Ü¥s¤F­pµ{¨®¥h¦n¼Ö­}°Û¥¢Åʱ¡ºq¡A³Ü¤jªM¤jªMªº°s¡F¤£¹L¥L¤ñ§Ú·Q¹³¤¤­n¨Óªº°í±j¡A¥Lº¡Áy«ë·Nªº»¡¥L¥H«á¤]­n·íÂå¥Í·í«ß®v¡A­nÁȫܦh«Ü¦hªº¿ú¡A­n¦n¦n°á®Ñ…..¡C¹j¤Ñ¨«¨ì±Ð«Ç¡A¥L­ú¤F(·í®É±Ð«Ç¸Ì¦³«Ü¦h¤H)…¡C¥L¤j³ÛµÛ¡G  ¡u§ó¡ã¡ã¡ã¡ã¡ã¡ã¡ã¡I¬°¤°»ò§Ú¤kªB¤Í³£·|¸ò¦³¿ú¤Hµ²±B¡ã¡ã¡I¡I¡I¡v¨º¥y¸Ü»¡§¹¤§«á…¥L©¿µMÅܱo«Ü¨ü¤k«Ä¤lÅwªï….¡C In the beginning, I didn’t understand.  but then when I went back to the beginning, I got it.   and it’s funny.  haha.  I might delete this when I don’t find it amusing any longer. I should try that.

“Don’t get cocky, cuz it’s gonna get rocky”  Indeed true. I started to get a little cocky because I found I have 11% body fat.  Then I start to eat lots of sweets and stuff.  bad bad bad.  Soooo~~ many sweets in the lunch room.  And whenever I don’t feel like programming, I go there […]

Dream Log:  I don’t know if that’s 3 different dreams or not. The setting is like Counter Strike, Terrorist vs. counter terrorists.  The first time I’m the perspective in 3rd person ghost mode watching everything happening.  The CT is divided into 5 small teams, each handling a task.  The first 2 will rush while the 3rd […]

My friend…. has been beating me racquet ball.  …. Bad sign… all of a sudden he decided to get serious.   It felt like playing against Igs. 

Dream Log: One of the most influencing women in business named Susan, CEO of Warrent Buffet’s something Heatherway was in my dream.  There’s this long long TV comercial just about her.  Everytime she deals with her prospects, whether on laptop, phone, etc, she gives the final choice like “here the deal, take it or leave […]