Monthly Archives: October 2003

so I chose Geico at the end, saving me $700 for 6 months (that’s $100+ extra per month).  you know, if anyone of you, because of this log, get on with Geico and save a ton of money, I wish I can get paid for advertising for them.  Nevertheless, it’s also my wish that you save […]

Don’t like to deal with insurance.  Especially since I had an accident last year, mucho $$$.    The difference between some quotes are more than $100 per month!  I finished the chapter about personal statement.  Just need to find a quiet time to form my own.  Must eat that frog.  Now the book is about prioritizing.  Talking […]

A lot of my friends suggest the movie “kill bill” is one of the top 5 movie of the year and want me to see it.  Should I?

Been thinking about my center and my personal statement.  Thank God I remember the crucial, vital principle that I carried throughout my school years.  Matthew 6:33.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (stuff) shall be added unto you.”  That’s the verse that got me into the habbits […]

I talked to my room mate about politics, different enterprise systems, and stuff.  Learned a whole lot for my hobby.  Some people think that capitalism is the best and only way.  But that’s not true at all.  When there’s plenty of resources, yes.  But when the resource is low and demands are high.  There’d be […]

Wow.  The game is about done, and I’ve been busting through my bugs list.  Now I have little stuff to do, whereas everyone is crunching.  This is cool.     Of course, I won’t slack.  At least I can do is to keep playing the game and look for more bugs.  I’m a good tester. 

Hunter X Hunter just had a major major turn.  This is a horror story now.  Friends just fall one after another.  What can Gon and Killua do?!!!