S: Leviticus 10-11 O: v6:  (taken from David Guzik) Why was Aaron spared from making the golden calf while his 2 sons are killed?  Maybe it’s because Aaron wasn’t anointed as priest then, and now Aaron and his sons have been anointed/consecrated = greater accountability. We (Christians) are called to be priests.  The only way […]

S Exodus 33 O: v13:  Let this be my prayer too, that the Lord will let me know His ways so that I may understand Him more fully and continue to enjoy His favor.” v18:  I wonder why Moses asked for that?  Because they had just eaten a covenant meal with God.  Thought they didn’t […]

How come the 4sq creedal statements doesn’t mention about tribulation?  But Kaj’s handout says the 4sq creedal has pre-tribulation because that’s what Aimee Semple Mcpherson believed.  But many 4sq pastors (including Kaj) believe in post-trib. Return of the Lord The Thessalonian church had lost hope, thinking the Jesus had already returned and they’re left behind.  […]

S:  Exodus 3 v2: it says here the angel of the Lord.  But it’s really the Lord Himself (v4) v13-16:  I think this is quite interesting because 1. Moses dared to ask God’s name.  Before, no one asked for God’s name?  Didn’t Abraham, Issac, and Jacob know God’s name?   In Ch6:v3, God says He didn’t […]

S: Genesis 27 O: v18, v20, v21, v24,v26.  Issac doubted.  But without his sights, and with all the other contrary evidence (skin, smell, knowledge of the blessing, timing), Issac is finally deceived and convinced Jacob is Esau. v28-29: this blessing includes blessing from earth (fat = animal, grain = crop which is interesting because they’ve […]

Holy Spirit WANTS to come in and wants to make change. Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said “you need the Helper”. Cassandra Hamotan story – “I want to know the Lord more.”  solution “try harder and be/do better.”?   Started to read lots of biography.  “I want to see miracles and see […]

Always starts with what God intention – what did He did what He did, and then we talk about our perversion.   Stares women in the forehead.  but it doesn’t solve the heart.   So it’s not a solution. The solution is to recognize the value people are to the Lord.  God’s intention James Dobson – […]